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This is a one and a half day practical hands on introduction to Food Smoking, covering the basic theory of hot and cold smoking, health & safety, how to make and use a hot and cold smoker, sourcing wood, brining & salting, producing smoke and of course smoking food.  During the course you will cure and smoke a side of salmon, a fillet of haddock, a pair kippers, cheddar and stilton cheese, nuts and olives, all of which you will be taking home, along with our “Smoking Bible” which will be your reference point forever more.


Breakfast 8-8.30am:  Please see the Menu.

  • Introduction:  By Steven.
  • In At The Deep End:  After introductions you will be given a side of salmon and instructions on how to cure it. The reasons why we do this first will become clear later in the course.
  • Food Safety:  The most important part; Food Safety with Jean leasdale.  Jean has been working in the food industry for many years now and is a lecturer at a college in Suffolk. Jean is also a qualified C.I.E.H (Chartered Institute for Environmental Health) and will take you through the basic principles in food safety when curing and smoking your food.  Jean will be available to take more in depth questions at lunch or at the end of the day, and is qualified to offer you, on a one to one  basis or as a group the following courses:
  • Level 1 to 4 Food Safety.
  • Level 2 HACCP.  (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).
  • Level 3 HACCP.   
  • Level 2 Health & Safety at Work. 

  • Hanging the Fish:  (by now, it won’t just be salmon that you would have cured).

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Lunch 13.00 to 14.00:  Please choose from the following Menu.

  • The Cure (Dry or Wet):  A fascinating insight into the fundamental curing process and how there are 1,000’s of ways to flavour your salmon according to your taste and preferences. Lapsang anyone?
  • Hot and  Cold Smoking: Both parts of the process and a preference.

Coffee 15.15

  • The Construction and Types of Kiln:  Cardboard, Brick, Metal, Timber, or Tori – decisions, decisions – so hard!!
  • Producing Smoke:  Easy or not…

Finish for the Day 16.30:   Time for discussions and banter at the bar with the team.


Breakfast 8-8.30am:  Please see the Menu.

  • To Nitright or to Nitrate Darling:  And this is important…how the family of nitrates improve colour and the preservation of food.
  • The Fruits of Your Labour, and at Last:  How to slice your salmon (and it’s not as simple as you think).
  • Question Time with Steven:  Course wrap up and summary.

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