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A whole Side of London Cure Smoked Salmon (min 1.2)kg

Wild Smoked Salmon

Steven, our Smoking Guru has been smoking food since he was a boy, taught by his Grandfather, the legendary Bill Salmon, owner of William Salmon & Sons Smokehouses,  and had three working Kilns, one in Bow, another in Ilford and the biggest in Romford, supplying some of London’s finest establishments.

With a history like that, it was no wonder Steven took to curing and smoking food like a proverbial duck. He is passionate about doing it the traditional way his Grandfather taught him and is really very scathing about the poor quality factory manufactured smoked food that is available today!

He has always Smoked foods for family and friends, and started teaching the traditional art seriously about 12 years ago. Along the way he has trained and taught several professionals as well as setting up 2 commercial Smokehouses for clients.

Steven now conveys his passion & love for the traditional art to like minded People.